Western Venue

April 7-9, 2006
(Rocky Mountain YMCA, Kananakis, AB)
April 21 - 23, 2006
(Bark Lake Leadership Centre, Haliburton, ON)


   Updated: April 17, 2006

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Western Conference Venue

General map to Rocky Mountain YMCA Click here for the Kananaskis area 5-day weather forecast!

This is our first year out west, and we are launching the western Canadian Experiential Education Practitioners Symposium with a great venue: The Rocky Mountain YMCA Camp in Kananaskis Country, AlbertaJust like our original Bark Lake Leadership Centre in Ontario, you'll find that Rocky Mountain is a perfect setting for CEEPS:


Beautiful wilderness backdrop


Excellent accommodation at reasonable rates


Full dining facilities


Comprehensive ropes course (several high and low elements)


Multiple workshop spaces


Fully equipped camp-style recreation options


For those of you who know the site, we'll be staying in the Longhouse (with rooms for 4 that we hope to use as double-accommodation) and meeting in the Old Lodge for the symposium itself.  The venue is about one hour's drive from Calgary.  We hope to have more detailed information soon.

The Rocky Mountain's isolation means that we can really focus on the learning and connections for the few days that we are on-site.  It also means that you will probably want to join the rest of us for the six meals in their dining hall and two night stay.

To learn more about the Rocky Mountain YMCA, visit their web site.

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