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April 13 - 15, 2007
(Bark Lake Leadership Centre, Haliburton, ON)

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Canadian Experiential Web Sites and Resources

We maintain the most comprehensive list of Canadian Experiential web site links on the internet.  Our list has grown to the extent that we now have two separate pages:

PRACTITIONER LINKS - Organizations offering EE services to the general public.

RESOURCE LINKS - Organizations offering EE services to the Canadian EE industry.

(The resource links page also includes a courtesy listing of highly relevant non-Canadian resource sites.)


Looking for a new activity for your program?  We have a growing database of great activities - our facilitators' favourites!  Fully documented, on-line, and free!  Check it out.  And why not send us one of your favourites to include!

And here's another great free activity link with some very creative and unique content (and good articles on creativity!): http://www.jvdcreativity.com/training.htm


A major networking tool for our community (between conferences) is our CEEPS Yahoo Group.  This carefully moderated forum gets a lot less-traffic (thankfully) than the AEE or Ropes List groups, so the postings are all stream-lined, relevant, and useful.

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We maintain an e-mailing list of over 400! Canadian experiential education practitioners.  We keep this private, however we are open to considering doing a non-commercial mailing on your behalf.  We respect the privacy of our colleagues and reserve the right to be VERY selective about what use our list gets put to.

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