April 7-9, 2006
(Rocky Mountain YMCA, Kananakis, AB)


   Updated: April 17, 2006




CEEPS West 2006 Participant Comments

Feedback from our first year in another part of the country is very important...

“That was one of the best conferences I have attended in years.  Thank you for providing such a terrific venue for learning and sharing!” - Sue Milledge, Delta Synergy Group

“I will be back.” – Jim Webb, Creative Challenges

What did you gain from your conference experience?

“So much!  Many ideas on games & great human connections.” – Michele Wood, student

“Inspiration to start a new job / company.” – Kees Bronsveld, YMCA Netherlands

“This was the first experiencing this type of format & confirmed many things that FitResponse is doing right & things that need improvement.  Loved the feedback from everyone.” – Jennifer Thompson, FitResponse

“Incredible confidence in myself, amazing appreciation for the others I met here, and the understanding that the journey is part of the learning.” – Sue Milledge, Delta Synergy Group

What did you think of the Virtual Space Concept?

“Wonderful format.  It surprised me!  I really enjoyed the flexibility & the ability for folks to ask for what they needed!!” - Monica Nissen, Outdoor/Environmental Educator

“Should be the "new" standard.  A real highlight.” - Colin Funk, The Banff Leadership Centre

“Awesome idea!  Loved it.” - Michele Wood, student

“Amazing!  It was incredible to see the expertise in so many individuals as they stepped forward to share their gift and talents!!  That was so exciting and incredibly rewarding.” - Sue Milledge, Delta Synergy Group

What would you tell your peers and colleagues?

“Although I've been in this business for a number of years, I was amazed at all the new things I learned!” – Trent Schumann, experienca

“The CEEPS conference is a great event to network with a variety of experiential learning experts and walk away with renewed energy and a bag full of new ideas.” – Martin van den Akker, The Banff Leadership Centre

“It's phenomenal, worthwhile, and incredibly powerful.” – Christy Roy, FitResponse

“Very good concept.  We must make this too in the Netherlands.” – Pieter Schoe, YMCA Netherlands, Youth Care

“You'll definitely be glad you came!  Be prepared to share!!” – Monica Nissen, Outdoor/Environmental Educator

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