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April 29-May 1, 2005
(Bark Lake Leadership Centre, Haliburton, ON)



CEEPS 2005 Participant Comments

Our third successful year, but we never tire of reading and sharing the feedback ...

An accomplishment worth celebrating

Wow, the conference has really grown.  Congratulations on a 100% growth rate.  You are clearly doing a lot of things right.  I think that it was a great conference and we have begun to plant some seeds that I hope will grow. - Jason Kipps, Challenge Course Advisory

“LOVED THE DRUMMING!!!!!!  Amazing!  Loved the relaxed atmosphere & dress code.  Good amount of down time to just relax & chat - had we done another activity sharing session Saturday night it would have been too much.”Kelly Armstrong, Toronto Zoo

Jim Cain discusses industry models

What did you gain from your conference experience?

“Ideas, energy, friends, & hope!  Never experienced V-Space - loved the process!”Susan Ludwig, University of Toronto

“Appreciation and love for drumming!  Surprised at how many people are involved in experiential education & the forms it takes.  Amazing practical ideas.  Adaptive activities.  Playing games can be a learning experience.”Kelly Armstrong, Toronto Zoo

I made some new friends this past weekend.  With some, I'll follow-up with to share information.  With others, I'll meet with socially this summer.  With others yet, I'll hopefully have the opportunity to collaborate with on a project or two.  And there are those who I may never connect with again.  Regardless, with every person at the 2005 CEEPS, I felt some level of connection.  From everyone, I received a gift - whether it was a shared experience, a new activity or the pleasure of their company.  On Saturday night I laughed more than I've laughed in a long time.  It was pretty special!Paul Short, Dofasco

Trying to choose sessions as the V-Space grid fills up

What did you think of the Virtual Space Concept?

“I was very impressed by the effectiveness of V-Space.  It creates very open communication and encourages everyone to participate.” - Ryan Metcalfe, Trent University

“I was a bit nervous at first about how it all would work & about being put on the spot but it's a great idea and works well... less formal makes you feel comfortable in contributing more.  A great way to get what you need by focusing on exactly what you want, and with small informal groups you can steer the conversation that way.” - Heather House, Toronto Zoo

“I thought it went great.  Again, I am impressed at how this process works and how much knowledge it offers in such a short amount of time.” - Melanie Sedge, Trent University

“Great.  Attending next year after now being familiar with the concept - may come prepared to offer more information/a session.” - Flora Smith, Westmount Secondary School

A participant enjoys an activity

What would you tell your peers and colleagues?

“Wow, what an experience!  Everything I expected and more!  The right people really do show up.” – Kathy MacDonald, Thames Valley District School Board

“What a great atmosphere for learning & sharing.  I gained so many new ideas & made many new contacts.  I really DID get exactly what I was looking for & can't wait to try some of these things with my programs.” – Heather House, Toronto Zoo

“The RIGHT PEOPLE really were here!  V-Space is a dynamic & exciting format that allows each participant to tailor their learning experience & also to learn things they didn't even realize they wanted to know!” – Kelly Armstrong, Toronto Zoo

“There is something for everyone here - and you can take whatever you need from the weekend.  It is re-energizing and inspiring to be a part of this event.” – Melanie Sedge, Trent University

“Wonderful group of people.  Great to experience a profession that really wants to share knowledge.” – Susan Ludwig, University of Toronto

“It is a chance to connect with other like-minded people in a safe, fun, and relaxed atmosphere.  Go!” – Jen Poole, PVNC Catholic District School Board

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