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Elswyth & Andrew's Wedding -August 6th, 2005

Drawing by Jacqueline Bradbury-Jost

The above picture was added to our guestbook by Jacqueline Bradbury-Jost, age 8.
As you can see, our garden tent had a band on a platform,
a groom in a kilt with his bride, and lots of friends!

Below is a less imaginative image, showing (left to right) Nancy Lilliman dancing with the groom, the groom's mother (in green), her sister Frances, the bride's mother (in lavender), Rob Theriault, the bride dancing with Lewis Fenton, a glimpse of Jacqueline the artist, and Lorraine Sutton (the dance caller).

Photo by Christine Elms

What a time we had!  The weather was perfect, the food and service was terrific, the music and dancing was spectacular, and the friends and family were totally awesome.  We are truly blessed beyond belief!

Already some pictures and videos are beginning to drift in.  Here's a sample of the celebrations, as an AVI video file (7 Meg) from Preston Gurd.

Those in attendance may recall that Brian Martin, a long-time friend, wrote a song parody for me, to the tune of Master of the House (from Les Misérables), which he performed with his wife, Alex, and our country dance band.  In true Brian Martin style, there are a number of subtle and clever references in the lyrics.  I have prepared and posted an annotated version so that everyone might know what he was singing about.

Veronica Clarke-Hanik also wrote lyrics which she performed at the wedding in a song called Elswyth's Wedding.

We also received two poems from Heather Gurd, which I have posted here.

Watch here for more poems and lyrics, written for the occasion.  (Our friends have boundless talent!)

Photo by Lewis Fenton

The view, the party, our home (Aanimad), and a Scottish guest.


Our favourite pithy wedding card message:

"May your joys in marriage be as deep as Loch Ness and your sorrows as elusive as the monster."
- Anne and John Sears (Elswyth's Scottish godmother and her husband)

What's Next?

A lot of people have asked if we are going on some kind of honeymoon.  Well, we are overdue for a major trip of some kind, so I imagine we will be heading out before the end of the year.  Elswyth has taken a year's leave from teaching (to follow her "4-over-5" year off last year), so we have lots of flexibility.

Meanwhile, we were entertaining some of our Scottish relatives around some Ontario tourist spots, and couldn't resist this particular photo opportunity...

Photo by Lewis Fenton

Schedule of the day

The wedding took place on Saturday, August 6th, 2005.  The venue was the Historic Corbetton Methodist Church on the grounds of the Dufferin County Museum (on the NE corner of Highway 89 and Airport Road), which is about 30 minutes from our home at 57 Mary Street, Alton.  Their web site actually has a virtual tour, if you want to see the inside or surroundings.

The day was something like:

11am - 12 noon            Ceremony (mainly family in the tiny church, which was packed solid)
                             Post-ceremony mingle, photos, transfer to Alton reception
1:30pm - 3:30pm     Sit-down Luncheon in the Gardens of Aanimad, 57 Mary Street
4:30pm - 6pm         Dancing (contra and/or Scottish country) with live music (of CBC's "Vinyl Cafe" fame!)
                             FEATURING:  Anne Lederman - fiddle / keyboard
                                                Ian Bell - guitar / mandolin
                                                Tom  Leighton - accordion
                                                Lorraine Sutton - caller
7pm - 11pm            Party (with food & drink)
Sunday morning       Brunch at Aanimad, open to all guests

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